《Sword Art Online》Handbook

This Sword Art Online game is not just a world of battle but also a trap with unpredictable challenges. Accept the cruel fact and try your best to survive! The game of death is filled up with danger, dirty tricks and horrors. But you may also find hope, friendship. How will you choose to act? Players will find legendary weapons, amazing mount and challenge all kinds of instances.

Three Roles

In the beginning of the game, the player chooses one out of three roles including Swordsman, Mage and Ranger.

Game Features

For players, straightforward gameplay is to easily fight monsters, level up and collect gear. Character automatically looks for enemies or monsters to fight. The gradually increasing difficulty level makes this game more fun. By defeating monsters and obtaining gold, equipment, player will earn more achievements and honor.

1.Game Interface and System

Game Interface

(1)Character System

Character System

Character System

(2)The Stats of Character
This is referring to the basic stats of the roles. The various stats will be listed below.

HP: Basic Stats, when characters reach 0 HP, they are dead. When all the characters in the team including companion reach 0 HP, the team fails in battle.
ATK: Character’s Attack, includes Melee ATK, Ranged ATK and Spell ATK depending on different roles.
DEF: Defend the physical damage from the Melee
RESIST: Defend the ranged ATK in magic power
Hit: Character’s accuracy rate
Dodge: The dodge rate
Crit.: Crit. damage rate
RESIL: The rate of defending crit. damage.

(3)Skills of Character

Each character has skills. The cooldown for each active skill is longer with stronger skill.

(4)Gem Embedding

Each gear for each character has slots to embed gem. Different gems’ stats are various. The bonus stats are added when equipping these gems.


2.Battle System
 Battle System
2D real-time battle is applied in the game. The only thing player need to do is tapping the different systems. Once you step into the certain place, your character will begin to fight automatically. When HP reaches 0, character is dead. Upgrading the skill is a good way to become stronger in battle.

The Monster in Stage

Monster in Stage
Elite Monster

 Elite Monster
Wild Monster

Wild Monster

3.Equipment Fortifying

Equipment Fortifying

Equipment Fortifying is the most effective way to improve the character’s BP

Part I:  Enhance
Spend gold and materials to improve gear’s level to improve the character’s BP

Part II: Star Up
Spend gold and star-up materials to improve gear’s star level to make the character stronger.

Part III: Mythic Upgrade
Spend divine stone to upgrade the Mythic Gear’s level.




Activate the wing once the player reaches the certain level. Spend gold and feather to upgrade wing.

5.Conqueror Set

Conqueror Set

  Uses conqueror materials to build the Conqueror Set.
  Conqueror set includes: mask, shoulder pads, gloves and greaves. Equip the conqueror set to improve the player’s stats.

6.Guild System
  Player can create a guild when reaching the certain character and VIP level.
  Acquire the guild skill as soon as joining the guild. The guild skills improve the character’s stats.
  Members can accomplish the task to contribute to and level up the guild.
Guild System


The two main maps are Town Map and Wild Map.

  The town map is for entering Arena, Aincrad Boss and Guild etc.
Town Map

The Wild Map is for participating the fighting events.

Wild Map

The level of monster includes common monster and BOSS depending on the difficulties. In the Monster Hunt, the monsters are categorized into Unique Monsters, Wild Monster, Monster Nest and Elite Monsters.


Gear includes helm, armor, necklace, bracelet, ring, belt and boots. The matching is different for each certain role.

Bag is for carrying different things, for instance, equipment, items, and chest etc.

There are Gem Instance, Gear Instance and Feather Instance etc.
Different difficulties of instances can be challenged. Each one has different enemies and the way of challenging. The particular materials drop in these instances.

Send the message via chat system on the top left. It has World and Guild Chat, but World Chat requires Trumpet.

The reward for defeating BOSS or rankings rewards will be sent via mail. Sometimes Bad Connection, Maintenance, compensation and other rewards obtained (when bag is full) will be sent through mail as well.
Mails System

14.Benefit Hall
Benefit Hall offers Sign-in Reward, Login Reward, Daily Tasks and CD Key.

  The sign-in reward will be sent depending on player’s monthly log-ins. Player can spend Diamonds to late sign-in.
  Get the corresponding rewards according to your login days.
  By completing the Daily Tasks, player will be rewarded the activity and achievement rewards. The task won’t be reset until the next day.
  Enter the CD key to exchange for the reward.

Benefit Hall

Arena unlocks when player reaches the certain level. This is a place where players challenge each other. Players are given ranking rewards depending on the rank they’ve achieved.

Arena System


This game provided various events where all players participate within the designated period of time. They are listed as below.

  Limited-Time Event takes place within the fixed time, for example, 7 PM - 8 PM. Don’t forget to attend because player will not have a second chance in a day. This type of event will reset midnight.

  Marketing Event, for example, limited-time promotional discount, special events in different festivals, etc.

  Chance limited event, whenever you have chances, you can attend this kind of event within 24 hours. The chances will not be refreshed until the next day.


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